The mailman is my hero!

>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

He not only delivered the dark blue pearls that I posted about yesterday, he also delivered a package containing sterling silver magnetic clasps and another package with more pearls and crystals. I am a happy camper! There is definitely a big difference in my mood on the days when I receive new beads in the mail! :) The Swarovski pearls are perfect and exactly the colors I wanted. One package of crystals is a disappointment. It was a toss up whether to order crystal silver shade or the crystal cal. The crystal silver shade is not nearly as "silver" as I had hoped. There is an order for crystal cal and crystal cal 2X in my future (just don't tell my husband!). Here is the stash! :)

Bello Modo sent me a couple of Tierra Cast samples ...

I really (REALLY!) like getting samples (thank you Bello Modo!) ... they pull me out of my little seed bead box, and I can feel my creativity zinging back and forth across the inside of my brain. I'm really liking these particular samples ... they are items I wouldn't have ordered. The quality of the workmanship is very good ... something you can't necessarily tell from a screen picture. The sample packet included a gold colored bead cap cone, a copper colored hammered square that is double drilled on the diagonal, and a silver colored drop or charm that looks like an upside down pyramid made up of little silver balls. Even if I don't order more of these, I can still use them. Isn't that what random (aka freeform) beadweaving is about ... using up all those bits and pieces of beads and findings that might otherwise go to waste?
Heaven forbid that a beader waste beads or findings! I even feel sad for every little bit of wire that I mangle. I look at them and wonder, "Is there anything else I can do with you?" I used to chalk this up to the thriftiness of my New England roots, but it's just plain old obsession! Ha! I've even thought about putting them in little glass bottle pendants and naming them "Beaders Remorse". What do you do with your mangled wire?
I did work on my beadweaving project of the day that I posted about yesterday. I finished the other end piece, but the beads did not speak to me at all. Perhaps I just wasn't listening close enough ... I was watching Lost at the same time. :) Did the spookiness of Lost overshadow the spookiness of beads talking to me?
My agenda today is to attempt to learn how to "link" other websites to my blog. My two Etsy Street Teams, Etsy Beadweavers (EBW) and Bead Art Originals (BAO), both have links that I can copy and paste to my blog. Wish me luck!