Bead Art Originals - Item of the Week

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bead Art Originals (BAO) group has put together some gorgeous pieces for their Item of the Week specials. There are 14 artists contributing this week. I usually give you the names of the artists with direct links to their Etsy shops, but my hands are bothering me again, so please forgive me for not doing the extra typing.

If you will please click here, you'll go to the Bead Art Originals blog where you'll find shop links and all the special offers.


What Comes First?? Jewelry, Clothing or Shoes??

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

When relisting this bracelet today in my Etsy shop, I gave it a new title and tweaked the description. My thoughts wander as I write descriptions, and I began thinking, "Do women first chose the clothing they will wear that day, or do they start with a pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry?"
Certainly our planned activities of the day and seasonal weather will determine the style of our dress, but I'm thinking in general. Do you think about the walking involved and chose your shoes first? Do you chose the new bracelet or earrings that your friend hasn't seen yet or the new sweater that's as soft as butter?
My choices are directed by the fact that I have tender feet, thus shoes are first on my list. Clothing is second and jewelry third. My final thought ... I am a fortunate person to have such "choices".


Cat's Meow March, 2009

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This month my Cat's Meow is this bracelet, "After The Storm", designed and woven by Olga of MadeByOlga (her shop on the Etsy website). I fell in love with this bracelet the first time I saw it ... which was in an Etsy Beadweavers Monthly Challenge.

Olga says, "Inspiration for the piece comes from my childhood memories about the sea side back home in Latvia. I have embellished it with small pieces of natural Baltic amber and tiny carnelian chips."

I grew up half a world away from Olga on the eastern Connecticut shore. When I first saw this bracelet, my mind instantly carried me to the days of playing on an off-shore sandbar while my grandfather fished from his boat near by. My little fingers carefully sifted through the thousands of shells and rocks washed up by the Atlantic Ocean, loving each one and wondering from where they started their journey.

From the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, I feel this bracelet tying itself not only to Olga's memories, but to my memories as well, and reminding me how much I am like someone a half a world away.

Visit Olga's Etsy shop, MadeByOlga, by clicking here.
Visit Olga's blog by clicking here.


Rachele Dagley Wins the EBW March Challenge!

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congratulations Rachele! Rachele won with her "The Seductress" beadwoven art necklace. Isn't it an amazing piece! To me it is a powerful image of an oriental dragon spitting fire and swishing its beard while its eyes seduce me and tempt me towards its dragon den.

Anyone want to take a guess how many beads Rachele wove into this creation? So far, I've counted 14 cabochons, a lampwork bead, a glass button, over 100 bugle beads, a bunch of freshwater pearls and a gazillion seed beads.

Okay, I didn't count every bead, but you get my drift on how many hours Rachele poured into this piece weaving one bead at a time. Phew! Did you sleep last month Rachele? LOL!

Congratulations to Olga of MadeByOlga who won second place in the challenge with her "Temptation" necklace. I've watched lizards stalk their prey, and Olga has captured it perfectly. I love how she wrote in her blog about the lizard hypnotizing the dragonfly.

Congratulations also goes to Smadar of SmadarsTreasure for her third place win with "Temptation Dance". Smadar describes this as a couple doing a sultry latino dance ... the man in black and the woman in hot red. Smadar creates the most elegant jewelry, and this gorgeous necklace is no exception!

Congratulations again Rachele, Olga and Smadar and congratulations to the entire EBW Team! Here are links to their shops and to the EBW Team blog.

Rachele's Originals
Made By Olga
Smadars Treasure
Etsy Beadweavers (EBW) Team Blog


Bead Art Originals Items of the Week

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Along with rolling out the newest BAO Items of the Week, I'd like to welcome GwenBeads as the newest BAO artist! You can visit Gwen's Etsy shop by click here. Her work is creative and irresistible!

Twelve artists have contributed items with special offers, and you can click here to visit the Bead Art Originals blog and read about the artists, items, and special offers.


Etsy Beadweavers Temptation Challenge

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thirty-five artists from the Etsy Beadweavers (EBW) Team have submitted entries for their monthly challenge. The theme this month is Temptation.

The mosaic picture is small even though I tried to make it LARGE. To help you out, I've added a link to the picture so you can view each item on the Etsy website. You can also click on the picture to view the entries.

Once you have had time to check all of them out, please click here to go to the EBW blog and place your vote for your favorite "Temptation". I'll be announcing the winner on my blog, so be sure and check back!
Be sure and vote by Sunday, March 15!!


Bead Art Originals Items of the Week 3/9-3/15

My computer monitor keeps going on the fritz (new one ordered!), so I am several days behind posting the latest mosaic of the Bead Art Originals (BAO) Items of the Week.

Artists contributing this week are:

Each artist has a special offer associated with the purchase of their Item of the Week, so be sure to click on the mosaic picture which will take you to the BAO blog with all the details!


Bead Art Originals Items of the Week

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

The artists from Bead Art Originals have posted their Items of the Week! Aren't the colors and textures amazing??

Don't miss the special offers these artists are offering if you purchase their item from March 2 through March 8!
Artists this week are:

Salamander House
Smadars Treasure
The Beaded Lily
Beads and Weaves
Sand Fibers


My Photos Are A Mess!

>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here is a photo of a convertible bracelet-necklace that I listed today in my Etsy shop, Beads and Weaves. I took more than 40 pictures of this piece, and they all disappoint me. The burgundy color of the beads coordinates so perfectly with the Vintaj brass components. And, don't even get me going on the colors of the Swarovski crystals. The wonderful colors just won't show up in my photos! I'm not a happy camper!

I have spent hours reading on-line articles about photographing jewelry.
I have practiced hours taking photos inside the house, outside in sunlight and outside in shade.
I have a light box.
I have photo editing software.
I have a good digital camera.
I am a weaver of beads.
I am not a photographer ... sigh!